Meet Pastor Jim

I am a lifelong resident of Genesee County and live in the city of Batavia.  Throughout my life I have had compassion for others and it has influenced the direction my life’s journey has taken.  My career spans over thirty years working in the human services field at various agencies in the GLOW region. I am an ordained minister in the American Baptist Tradition and hold a dual standing as an American Baptist and in the United Church of Christ.

Over the years my walk has led me to experience several different faith traditions, both Christian and non- Christian.  I have learned that although I choose to express my relationship with the God of my understanding through Christianity, God is universal and present regardless of the religious tradition.  I am committed to the truth that all human beings deserve dignity and respect; in other words, human rights.  Not “acceptance” of others, but equal to.

I have learned to see God in all “people, places and things” and strive to meet people “where they are” in order to share the journey together.  For me personally, experiencing God in nature has also been a gift that brings me closer to my “higher power”.  I believe there is a reason we were told to rest, to separate ourselves from the routine and take time alone to commune with God.  Among other things, walking through forests, canoeing lakes and streams, climbing mountains – has always been a way for me to feel God’s renewing power.

It is my sincere hope that I can continue to share my experiences and learn from others so that each of our lives are enriched by the encounters we have together.

Rev. James Morasco MPA, MDiv, CPP, CASAC-G

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