Records indicate that on October 20, 1817, the "Church of God" was organized by 11 persons. Later, two groups met; one on Randall Road, the other in Morganville. In 1835, the present church was built and used by two groups: the First Christians and Universalists, each using the church half time. The church was known as The First Christian Church and Society of Stafford, NY. 

By 1860, the Universalists had left the Morganville Church and the church became affiliated with the Western New York Christian Conference. By 1864, the Randall Road church and the Morganville church were without a regular pastor and the services were irregular. Rev. Isaac C. Tryson began preaching in that year alternately at each church and was instrumental in reuniting the churches. Services in the Morganville church have continued ever since. On September 18, 1932, the Christian Church merged with the Congregationalists, and on April 28, 1962, it became affiliated with the United Church of Christ. 

The church celebrated its 200th birthday in October 2017.