Humanity's Cry

Lost to the world

In darkness they wait

As the water rose higher

Wondering what is their fate


And the world stood still

People holding their breath

Collectively praying

For life over death


Twelve boys and their mentor

Down deep in a cave

Huddled together

Being so brave


Then the world became one

For a time we were blind

No barriers, no fences

Just a mission to find


And all who had feelings

All who had heart

Felt compassion and suffering

Each day from the start


After over a week

Hope was slipping away

Then light in the darkness

Good news of the day


It would take several more

To get the boys out

Our prayers were answered

You could hear the world shout


Why do we wait

For disaster to fall

To remember God’s rule

There’s no difference at all


To show God’s love

So others might see

God’s spirit in you

God’s spirit in me


Pray we learn

And not turn a blind eye

Let “together in peace”

Be humanity’s cry


-Rev. James Morasco

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A New Rhythm for My Soul

As a child there were a few
That taught me right from wrong
But good and bad were upside down
Confusion was the song
A different beat inside my head
Developed through the years
The tempo changed more like jazz
To run from all my fears
Slowly I became aware
As notes fell into place
The spirit working in my life
To create a sacred space
People places things were changed
A higher power goal
Embracing love around me
A new rhythm for my soul

Pastor Jim Morasco

A New Rhythm for My Soul.png